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This section will be updated throughout the year with details of upcoming events that we are involved in.



September 2016

Heritage Open Days: Guided tours of the Roman Villa site at Southwell, 1pm / 2pm / 3pm

DNMGS Church Surveys start up again

New term of courses start Рweek commencing 12th September

Fourth Southwell Archaeology Day РSaturday, 17th September, Minster School, Southwell, 2-5pm

New phase of the Elmton Research Project starts, 21st September


October 2016

Roman Southwell Community Project – Winter Landscape Phase begins






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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. I would like to know if you will be doing any archaeology walks at weekends during the summer. I work weekdays, therefore cannot join in any at these times. If you plan on doing any at weekends, I would be very interested in attending. Great website. Very informative and easy to use.

    • We can certainly look at doing walks over the summer months. The current provision under the Limestone Journeys programme does, indeed, often fall under the ‘weekday’ formula. We are looking to address this and ensure there is provision during the summer period. MBArchaeology are also planning to hold two field visit days over the summer – Historic Newark and Prehistory in the Peak – both of which will be at weekends. Full details to follow.

  2. I recently took part in your Field Visit to the Prehistoric Landscape around Birchover. This was attended by 15 people and was a really enjoyable day. (the sun actually shone all day – great excuse to go for a pint in the Red Lion pub) The visit to the Hermits cave and stone circle near Birchover and the 9 ladies stone circle on Stanton Moor were particularly interesting ( especially the dowsing experiments – although I must admit I was very sceptical at first but have to admit not so now) Great fun was had by all. Thanks again for a great day out and look forward to anyfuture walks you may plan at the weekends.

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