MBArchaeology offers a wide range of services including:

  • Educational courses, walks and talks in archaeology and local history
  • Training in aspects of Field Archaeology
  • Project Management of Community Archaeology projects
  • Educational research
  • Development and design of educational materials
  • Proofreading
  • Transcribing
  • Training and supportĀ in aspects of Community Engagement and Involvement
  • Set up and support of digital media (website, Twitter, Facebook)

For an example of past and current projects and services please click on the relevant tabs on the Homepage

This is the current list of walks, talks and courses available to groups for the 2013 / 2014 academic year. If you are interested in booking any of these for your group / organisation please email with your request.


Prehistoric Nottinghamshire

Archaeology in Nottinghamshire

The Archaeology of Southwell

The Deviant burial at Southwell in wider context

Archaeology of the Peak District

Prehistory in the Peak

An Early History of Bolsover

The Archaeology of Creswell Crags

The Archaeology of Elmton

Archaeology of North East Derbyshire

The Maiden Crants: A Derbyshire tradition

Iron Age hillforts in the East Midlands

A History of the Vampire Myth

An Introduction to Archaeology

Aerial Photography in Archaeology


Walks/Field Trips

Half day (2 hours)

Oxton Hillfort

Calverton Hillfort

Roman Southwell

Markland Grips Iron Age Hillfort

Creswell Crags

Early Bolsover

Archaeology of the Hardwick Estate

Ault Hucknall Saxon church

Sutton Scarsdale Hall


Full day (5 hours)

Historic Southwell

Historic Newark

Archaeology at Laxton

Hillforts in Nottinghamshire

Prehistoric Birchover

Prehistory in the Peak

Hillforts in the Peak District

Bronze Age Derbyshire

Viking Derbyshire

The Archaeology of Lumsdale

Eyam Plague Village

Viking Age York

Flag Fen

Churches in Lincolnshire



Adult Education

Life in Roman Derbyshire

Prehistoric Art

Prehistoric Pottery

Archaeology & Art

An Introduction to Archaeology

Using the Historic Environment Records

Dowsing in Archaeology

How to set up an archaeology project


Family Learning

Ice Age Camp

Archaeology & Art

Young Archaeologists Club

Prehistoric Pottery


Longer Courses

Britain in the Ice Age

Prehistoric Britain

Prehistoric Art

Prehistoric Religion

Romans, Saxons & Vikings

The Vikings

Ale through the Ages

Archaeology of the Peak District (Part 1)

Archaeology of the Peak District (Part 2)

Local Landscapes (Part 1)

Local Landscapes (Part 2)

Historic Landscape of the Bolsover Region

Digging the Dirt: An Introduction to Field Archaeology

Archaeological Landscapes

Archaeology Through the Looking Glass

Exploring Local History

From Demons to Dracula

A Symphony of Horror

Twelve hours of Terror

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