Links – Albion Castle offer advice, training and courses in Dowsing, Herbal Remedies, Chi Kung and Personal Fitness – Website dedicated to Albion Castle’s First Aid training – Discover the practice of Awen Chi Kung, combining exercise and meditation to create a relaxing way to keep fit – Bright Ideas is a vibrant community based business that is passionate about working with local people to effect change and improvement in their communities – Website dedicated to Britain’s premier Ice Age visitor site, and home of the most northern Ice Age cave art in Europe – Facebook page dedicated to Creswell Crags detailing news and upcoming events – Derbyshire based wildlife talks, courses and training – Established in 1983, Eagle Security provides electronic security systems including intruder alarms, cctv and fire alarms – Based in the East Midlands, they run Community Heritage projects and conduct Content Research – Website for the Farndon archaeology group, based out near Newark, detailing past and current projects and talks – New website for the Ice Age Journeys project based out at Farndon offering information and updates on the project – Facebook page dedicated to the Limestone Journeys project detailing news and upcoming events– Specialising in art workshops on location with Nottingham based artist Rosemary MacLennan – Website of the Southwell Community Archaeology Group – Website dedicated to creating a reference point for all ongoing projects at Southwell and bringing together local groups and organisations

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