Young Archaeologists


Hi, I’m Archie the Archaeologist!

Nice to meet you!



Do you like finding out about the past, exploring and learning about our early ancestors? How about digging in the dirt looking for interesting objects? Then why not join me on my archaeology days!

Over the summer holidays, we will be exploring the Ice Age site of Creswell Crags during our Ice Age Camp sessions. We will be exploring the caves, building dens, making our own spears and trying food during our hunter-gatherer session – Fun for all the family!


Ice Age Camp is running from 10am – 3pm on:

Tuesday 26th August

Wednesday 27th August


For more information and to book a place, contact


Coming Soon!

New book  – Archie the Archaeologist explores: Creswell Crags

Family Archaeology Club – archaeology activities for all the family

What’s Under Your School? – archaeology project at local schools


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