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The Elmton Research Project started back in 2009 and has seen us conduct active research into the prehistoric and Medieval landscape of the modern village. For the past four years, the Limestone Journeys Community Archaeology group has been working with us to undertake document and map research, surveying, planning, excavation and finds analysis sessions. This phase of the project has now come to an end, although it has provided us with target areas for the next stage.

Our recent work at Elmton has involved research into the Medieval village, church and possible castle site. Over the last three years we have carried out fieldwork including geophysical surveying, test-pit excavations and a larger, open-trench excavation in the summers of 2013 & 2014.

2015 has so far seen us work with find specialists to analyse the flints and cherts recovered during the 2014 season, and our recent research written up and published (available as a free download under the ‘publications’ page).

The next phase will see a Summer Training Dig take place in August to further explore part of the early 18th century village identified through geophysics and partially excavated last year. For more details click here.




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2 thoughts on “Elmton Research Project

  1. Hi Matt I was with you at the Peacock today, I would like to get more involved. Is it o.k. to just turn up on Mondays at Creswell? I am away for 2 weeks so could come first Monday in November. Peter

    • Hello Peter,

      Good to meet you today. Glad you enjoyed the day and wish to get involved in further work.

      Yes by all means come along to Creswell – we meet at 10am at the main centre. We only have 4 sessions left for 2014, and will be Finds washing.

      Many thanks, Matt

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