Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Medieval Graffiti Survey


The Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Medieval Graffiti Survey project has just launched (May 2015), led by Involve Heritage CIC in partnership with MBArchaeology and the wider Medieval Graffiti Survey.

The project aims to identify, survey and record existing examples of Medieval graffiti in churches within the two counties, and discuss ideas on interpretation such as whether they are forms of art, coded messages or merely ‘graffiti’.

There will also be a series of Heritage and Arts-based workshops to explore this further, and create our own work using wood cuts, painting, photography, music, poetry and drawings, which will be used to create an exhibition to be showcased at Creswell Crags.

You can register your interest in the project by emailing

The press release can be seen at and you can also find out about the the award-winning Norfolk survey here.


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3 thoughts on “Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Medieval Graffiti Survey

  1. Hello Matt
    As an artist and printmaker I’m interested in this project. I’m not an archeologist but I love history I always have, and would like to register my interest. Please let me have further details when available.
    Many thanks,


  2. Hi Matt, I’m interested in this will you let me have more info and let me know how much I have missed . Pauline

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