Iron Age Hillforts


This project started in September 2013 and continues into the summer of 2014. It is provided by Derbyshire County Council under the Heritage Lottery funded Limestone Journeys project, and is based at the Bolsover ACE Centre.

The project aims to explore the evidence for Iron Age Hillforts and settlement patterns on the Magnesian Limestone ridge of North-east Derbyshire and compare these to similar sites in the Peak District to the west, and the Trent Valley to the south.

We are currently using the Historic Environment Records and past fieldwork records to plot sites onto a map of the region in order to create a gazetteer of local sites. We are also conducting archive research into these sites as well as doing site visits and landscape surveys where possible.

We are following this up with new research and investigations of our own into the potential for an Iron Age hillfort at Bolsover, and are attempting to understand the tribal boundaries between the Corieltauvi tribe in the south-east of the region and the Brigantes to the north-west.

To book your place contact the Bolsover ACE Centre on 01246 241926.

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