Burgage Earthworks project

Final Test Pit 26 August 2013


Throughout 2013, MBArchaeology worked alongside Southwell Archaeology and provided professional archaeological support, training and supervision for their HLF funded Burgage Earthworks project.

The project’s initial aims were to explore the area known as Burgage Green, identified on late 18th century plans as being a defended earthwork, early 20th century maps as a Roman Camp, and on the Historic Environment Records as an Iron Age hillfort.

However, the survey results (dowsing, LIDAR and resistivity) picked up on linear features running across the Green, and test-pitting revealed these were in situ Medieval yard surfaces. Through the pottery recovered, we were able to date this roughly to the 13th century, and further evidence of post holes and drainage gulleys suggested we were on the site of a previously unknown Medieval settlement. Provisional interpretation is that we are either seeing an extension of the early Medieval market town of Southwell, or possibly a separate manor that co-existed with the main town.



We are currently applying for further funding to carry out a further two seasons of work at the Burgage Green to try and fully understand what was going on. This will include further archival work, a more detailed topographic survey of the site, more geophysics, excavation and Finds Analysis sessions, and we aim to start this around April 2014.

For more information, please visit burgageearthworks.wordpress.com




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