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18 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hiya ! Feedback on site .
    Looks good ! Easy to use and any info one might require is easily accessible !
    Amazed at how busy you are ! I wouldn’t know what day of the week it was :)
    ( If it’s Friday it MUST be Southwell . )

  2. Having an interest in History and in particular local history (derbyshire) i would just like to say what an excellent informative site this is.
    Its easy to navigate around , even for a novice like me!, full of useful information and pleasing on the eye.
    I have just purchased Matthews 2nd Book “Beyond the Ice” which is a superb piece on local history and a credit to its author.

  3. Great Site. I love it and I don’t know a thing about archaeology – I can just about spell it. Thanks to Matt for his acknowledgement of Bright Ideas in his new publication. It’s a great read, well done!

  4. I have been attempting to access the 2 new publications on the website but, each time I try to open them, a RUN TIME ERROR comes up on screen and logs me out of Internet Explorer. I lose connection to your website. Is there a problem with these or is it at my end? Please advise if possible. Thanks Tony Beresford

    • I have checked the links and they appear to be working ok – i would suggest trying again and hopefully you won’t have any problems. If the problems do persist, let me know and i will email you the files you are trying to download. Thanks.

      • Tried to access the links again, but same problem. The run time error keeps appearing, logs me out of internet explorer and I lose connection to your website. Could you e-mail me the files as suggested to enable me to read your latest online publications. Thanks Tony Beresford

        • Ok thanks – it may be due to the file size then. I will email both files to you, hopefully that should work. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for a brilliant talk and presentation at Lowdham yesterday Matt – superb stuff. Authoritative, knowledgeable, interesting and informative. Not without a little humour at times either 😉 Well done to you and very best wishes on you book and future work.

  6. Thank you for the very interesting afternoon, its a shame the information isn’t mentioned we received isn’t available in the Hardwick hall guide book.

    • You’re very welcome Lorna! I’m just glad the weather stayed fine for the walk despite the threat of rain!

      I understand what you mean in terms of the info – as I mentioned during the walk the hope was that the three small research areas of our 2012 project (Blingsby Medieval village, World War II camp & Old Duck Decoy) would provide information that could be used for informing future visitors.

      Hardwick Hall has many visitors, but I would guess very few of these get to know more about the wider archaeology & history of the estate. It’s a shame, I agree with you there, but hopefully the info will be incorporated at some point in the not too distant future.

      In the meantime, you can download the report on our work at Hardwick for free by using the following link –

      Thanks, Matt

  7. Hi Matt

    I am just enquiring if there are still some spaces available on the archaeology of human remains at Bolsover library



  8. Matthew, If you have any spaces left, could you please enrol me onto the new “Introduction to Archaeology” course to be held at The Fox inn, Kelham from Tuesday 23rd September. If you have space for me, I will pass the course fee on to you when we meet for the Hurst House Week “Big Dig” on Monday 21st July.
    Cheers Tony

  9. Lovely site and esp like the current maps overlaid with Roman fort plans.
    My daughter and I are planning to visit Chesterfield on Saturday to ‘look’ at the Roman parts of Chesterfield- are you still digging at Hurst House? We would love to come and have a look at what you have done…

    • Thanks for your message Sarah – good to hear positive feedback!

      I have emailed you with info relating to this.

      Thanks, Matt

    • Hello sarah – did you visit chesterfield to look at the archaeology there?

      Interested to hear your thoughts.


  10. We enjoyed the walk at Hardwick Hall last Sunday very much – please could you put us on your mailing list for future events.

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