Prehistory in Pleasley Vale

Pleasley Vale (©Bolsover District Council)

Our piece on ‘Prehistory in Pleasley Vale’ for the Schools Prehistory initiative is now live on their website.

Click here to read it.

Although more widely known for its Industrial mills, our research showed almost continuous occupation from the Ice Age through to the present day. Archaeological evidence showed two Ice Age cave sites, Neolithic and Bronze Age artefacts, a Roman Villa, Medieval church and Post-Medieval forges and mills.

You can also download the full written report on our research at Pleasley Vale, conducted in 2012 as part of the Limestone Journeys project.


Roman Chesterfield

As part of the WEA Chesterfield funded ‘History of Hurst House’ project, we have been creating a digital map of Roman Chesterfield.

The following map shows our hypothesis of where the fort of Cestrefeld was located, and how the road network fed into this.

To find out more about the project and see more maps of Roman Chesterfield, click here.

Roman Chesterfield


Later this month we will be conducting a geophysical survey in the grounds of Hurst House, followed by some test pit excavations.

We learnt this week that Hurst House is to close in July 2014, meaning this project will be our last at the venue, so it is a fitting tribute that we are trying to tell its story.