Community Archaeology – what’s left in 2013?


2013 is rapidly coming to a close, but there is still time to get involved in Community Archaeology courses and projects in the final few months within Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

The Community Archaeology group based at Creswell Crags will continue its research on the Medieval village site at Elmton as part of the Limestone Journeys project. The last part of August sees us undertake a week-long fieldwork campaign that will involve excavation and landscape surveying, and this will continue in the September term when we will be continuing our document research as well as carrying out more geophysics, test pit analysis and archival artefact research.







August also sees two final Family Learning archaeology sessions take place at Creswell Crags (Ice Age Camp, Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th). Although the Tuesday session is fully booked, there are very limited places remaining for the Wednesday session – contact the Bolsover ACE Centre on 01246 241926.



Four new courses also start in the September term, and there are still a few places left:


Derbyshire Hillforts РTuesdays 10am Р3pm, Bolsover 

This course looks at the Iron Age landscape of Derbyshire and will locate and catalogue & map known hillforts and occupation sites. It aims to examine the potential for a tribal boundary between the Brigante tribe in the west, and the Corieltauvi to the east, using the Magnesian Limestone ridge of the Bolsover District as the frontier. We will also carry out new fieldwork in order to test this theory, including landscape surveys and excavation.

Starts Tuesday 17th September at the Bolsover ACE Centre (5 sessions)


Archaeology of the Peak District – Fridays 10am-12noon, Southwell

This course looks at the early archaeology within the Derbyshire Peak, from the Late Ice Age through to the Iron Age. We will consider landscape use, settlement patterns, introduction of farming, death & burial, the role of monuments and the evidence for early religion. A field trip is included.

Starts Friday 20th September at the Hearty Goodfellow (10 sessions)



The History of Hurst House – Wednesdays 10am-12noon, Chesterfield

This course looks at research techniques such as document & map work, aerial photographs, surveying, excavation and finds analysis. It will use these skills and methods to formulate a research project exploring the site and building of Hurst House, (the site is adjacent to a Roman Road and close to the Roman fort and Medieval church known as the Crooked Spire).

Starts Wednesday 25th September at Hurst House (10 sessions)



Prehistoric Religion – Wednesdays 1-3pm, Bolsover

This course looks at the evidence for prehistoric religion from the early Bronze Age through to the Late Iron Age / early Roman period. We will look at the role of monuments, introduction of metal, death & burial and the emergence of a water-based belief system. A field trip is included.

Starts Wednesday 25th September at Bolsover Library (10 sessions)


For more information or to book a place please contact




August and September also sees the final few weeks of the Burgage Earthworks project at Southwell, when three more test pit days will be carried out alongside some Finds Analysis sessions. A full archaeology report for the the project will follow in late 2013, as well as a final celebration event to inform the wider community what we have discovered so far. Plans are already underway to undertake a second season on what has proven to be a very rewarding site. See for more information.



We will also be doing a final archaeology training session in October for Derbyshire-based charity First Taste at the St. Elphins Centre in Matlock, looking at ways of using archaeology as a means of social care with the elderly and those suffering from dementia.

Archaeology talks to local groups include Southwell U3A (Tuesday 8th October), Whitwell History Group (5th November) and Lowdham History Group (12th December), plus an open public event at Bolsover in October to share the results of the Early Bolsover Project undertaken in 2013 (date/venue TBC).

Plans for the first part of 2014 include further research at Elmton (Creswell Crags Community Archaeology group) and on the Derbyshire Hillforts and History of Hurst House projects.

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