Final research for new book


Next week sees the final research take place for a new book on prehistoric religion. MBArchaeology will be visiting sites in North Wales including Lyn Carrig Bach (above left) and Bryn Celli Ddu (above right) as part of the research for The Migration of Souls: Ritual and Religion in Prehistory.

The book will trace the evidence for the foundations of early religion and ritual practice from the Upper Palaeolithic through to the Iron Age in Europe. Key themes focus on early art in the form of cave paintings and portable art, the burying of human dead, the importance of the animal kingdom, the introduction of farming, monument building and the importance of the sun, moon and other astrological alignments, culminating with the adoption of water-based religious belief in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages.



Archaeology provision for Derbyshire charity



MBArchaeology will be working with the Derbyshire-based charity First Taste to deliver training sessions for carers based around using archaeology as a medium for social learning with the elderly in three resident care homes.

Training sessions will be delivered in 2013 at Staveley, Matlock and Swadlincote and will explore how archaeology can be used to stimulate shared learning and increase participation for current and future residents.

We can’t wait to get involved in what will be an exciting and rewarding project and look forward to working with the care centre staff!

“First Taste is the name of a charity that promotes arts educational and stimulative activities for frail older people in nursing and residential care homes and day care centres principally, but not exclusively, in the Derbyshire Dales”.


Archaeology Walks in Derbyshire

To coincide with the Chesterfield Area Walking Festival (11-19 May) MBArchaeology is running three archaeology walks in Derbyshire.

Join us to find out about the history and heritage of this fascinating part of Derbyshire.

For more information or to book a place please contact


Sunday 12th May – Archaeology in the Landscape

A full-day guided walk that investigates the archaeology of the Limestone Journeys region between Langwith and Elmton in North-east Derbyshire. Discover the history of this fascinating landscape from Ice Age caves and Bronze Age cemeteries to Roman industrial sites and deserted Medieval villages, this walk examines the latest archaeological field work and looks at why the area was so important throughout time.

(5 miles, easy-going terrain, 10.00am – 3.30pm, option of pub lunch)

Cost: £10

Provider: MBArchaeology

To book: / 07599 421816


Thursday 16th May – Archaeology of the Hardwick Estate        

A three-hour guided walk that looks at the archaeology of the Hardwick Estate from Prehistory to the present day. It uses the latest archaeological fieldwork to examine the early Medieval village, the construction of the halls, the old Duck Decoy and the World War Two Military Camp.

(3 miles, easy-going terrain, some uphill, option of pub lunch, 10am – 1pm)

Cost: £6

Provider: MBArchaeology

To book: / 07599 421816


Saturday 18th May – Hidden Heritage in the Peak  

A full-day guided walk that investigates the history and archaeology of the Tansley area. Find out about local prehistoric sites, the Romans in Matlock, the industrial mills at Lumsdale and the history of Riber Castle as we explore the landscape of this fascinating area.

(5 miles, moderate terrain, some uphill parts, 10am-3pm)

Cost: £10

Provider: MBArchaeology

To book: / 07599 421816



Website Revamp

The MBArchaeology website has undergone a slight revamp. The Current Projects tab has been converted into a drop-down menu where you will find information on all the projects, courses, walks and talks for 2013, making it easier to find out about all the opportunities to be involved in local archaeology for Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire.

MBArchaeology is still looking for a volunteer or two to help out on projects and support other volunteers and Learners helping them get the most out of their experience. If you have a basic level of knowledge in archaeology and archaeological fieldwork methods and are interested in working with us, please contact

Full details are availble on request.