Summer field visits

Two summer field visits are now in place, priced £12.50 per person, per visit. To book a place on either session contact

Historic Newark – Saturday 2nd June, 10.30am – 4pm

  • Explore the remains of the Medieval castle and find out about the early Saxon structures
  • Visit the church of St. Mary’s, with its surviving Danse Macabre painting and Civil War damage
  • Take a tour of Millgate and see conserved historic buildings, riverside and Anglo-Saxon cemetery site
  • Visit the Millgate Museum and view the artefacts
  • Investigate the archaeological remains of the Civil War fortification known as the Queen’s Sconce
  • Enjoy the ‘de-brief’ in one of Newark’s historic pubs and sample traditional food and real ales


The Prehistoric landscape of Birchover – Sunday 22nd July, 10.30am – 4pm

  • Explore the rich prehistoric remains of the Birchover landscape
  • Visit the natural outcrop of Robin Hood’s Stride, stone circle at Nine Stone Close and the Medieval religious site of the Hermit’s Cave
  • Explore the prehistoric cemetery landscape of Stanton Moor
  • Visit the Nine Ladies stone circle and site of the Bronze Age cremation cemetery
  • Find out how many of the sites are aligned on ancient ley lines and how the area may have been an early religious focus
  • Enjoy the ‘de-brief’ in Birchover’s Red Lion pub and sample traditional food and real ales